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slackware.ru > Дистрибутив > http://www.rootprompt.org/article.php3?article=3912 Linux Install / Reinstall Philosophy ID:610
2003-07-29 hunter
Linux Install / Reinstall Philosophy
"In my home directory, I make a directory called "sys-config", with a subdir called "conf_files." In conf_files, I copy all of the system wide config files like /etc/HOSTNAME, /etc/hosts, /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1, /etc/rc.d/rc.modules, ... that I typically modify in configuring my machine. In "sys-config" I have a script called install.sh, that copies the files in conf_files to their proper locations and does other stuff to configure my machine. I have appended the install.sh I use on my workstation at work so you can see what it looks like."

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